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Public Sector

With cycbersecruity threats being a global concern, governments are looking for leading security solutions at a record pace. Federal, state and local governments across the globe use 2FA’s products every day achieve compliance, reduce costs, increase security, and streamline access to critical systems. In United States 2FA ONE is deployed in over 500 state and local government organizations to address: CJIS, PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, and other state and local level security and privacy compliance requirements. 2FA is the market leader for CJIS advanced authentication with seven out of the 10 largest deployments in the US. The United States government uses 2FA’s products in dozens of agencies for pre-boot authentication and full-disk encryption. Foreign governments use both 2FA ONE and 2FA ONE ProtectDrive for compliance, security, and privacy.

2FA’s channel sales strategy makes it easy for federal, state, and local agencies to purchase 2FA’s solution. Through partnerships and agreements with leading vendors such as: CDW-G, Dell, Envoy Data Corporation, General Dynamics, Insight, NetMotion, Panasonic, SHI, SunGard, Synnex, TriTech, and others, agencies are able to procure 2FA products off of federal, regional, state, and local contracts without the added complexity of the RFP process.

Technology is enabling data to be accessed in more ways than ever before, but in doing so, it is becoming more critical than ever to make sure sensitive data is only being accessed by the right people in the right way. No longer are passwords sufficient proof of identity in a digital world. 2FA’s solution allows agencies to implement strong, or two-factor, authentication in a variety of ways. By combining the use of six different forms of authentication with single-sign on functionality and full-disk encryption, users can access data quickly and securely, in an intuitive way.

Leading Features:

2FA ONE was awarded the Best Security Solution for Government in 2013 by Info Security Products Guide and Best Security Company in 2014.

Compliance, Convenience, And Security

2FA ONE is a fully CJIS Advanced Authentication compliant solution, assists organizations satisfy HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS, Positive ID, and PCI-DSS requirements; while at the same time makes lives easier for end-users by streamlining authentication processes and reducing the amount of passwords users have to enter and manage on a daily basis. 2FA ONE does all of this and significantly increases the level of security throughout the organization.