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Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR)

2FA ONE provides users the ability to reset passwords or PINs without making a call to the helpdesk. With common estimates ranging between 25% and 50%, password resets are the number one related support call made to helpdesks. Putting an exact cost on a password reset is difficult, but industry averages range between $15 and $35 depending on lost productivity and personnel costs. 2FA ONE’s SSPR feature enables users to securely reset passwords, change or unblock PINs, or simply access their desktop through an easy to understand, automated process.

How SSPR works with 2FA ONE.

During enrollment, users select questions from a list of 27 questions from three categories. By default users must select and provide answers to five questions. The answers are then encrypted and stored in 2FA ONE Server. At the Windows or Shared Workstation logon screen users select the “Emergency Access” tile. The users enter their username and domain. User are then prompted to answer the question(s) configured during enrollment. Policy may be applied by the organization through 2FA ONE Server to require users to answer one or more questions. Once answered correctly users may elect to reset their Windows password, change or unblock a PIN, or simply logon to the desktop – all of which may be restricted by 2FA ONE Server policy.